On Creativity


For many creativity remains an unmanageable mystery, something that is too elusive to pin down, and to shed a light on. What is certain, however, is that whether you are an entrepreneur, an artist, a marketer, or an advertiser, being creative can be fruitful. Because of its vagueness, maybe shall we begin by determining what creativity is not? Creativity is not a talent. It is neither an ability that some have, and others lack. It is not innovation.

What is Creativity?

For many creativity is simply about playing with ideas, exploring them, not for any immediate purpose, but rather for pleasure that stems from doing so. It shouldn’t be mistaken with innovation. While creativity refers to the ability or act of conceiving something original, innovation, on the other hand, refers to the implementation of something new. Creativity thus demands being open to opportunities, and interchangeability. That is why it is difficult to be creative while remaining close to the wealth that the world has to offer, reason why most creative tend to develop a wider view.

Creativity in Our Everyday Lives

Creativity is a crucial element in our everyday lives because it makes life infinitely interesting and fulfilling. It is a way of living life that makes unique connections between seemingly disparate ideas, and embraces originality. It has been shown that those that are creative tend to feel as if the world and all the elements that compose it are more vibrantly alive. Richard Restak, a neurologist, and author of Think Smart, claimed that, “Creativity is critical to solving problems in all parts of our lives,” and that includes work, parenting, and arranging our medicine cabinets.

Creativity and Business

In today’s very competitive business environment, creativity is necessary for success. In other words, within the global environment where there are multiple sorts of pressures exercised by local and global firms,  it is crucial that firms develop the capacity to think originally; that is, to re-invent what were, and re-imagine how things can be. A study by Adobe and Forrester Consulting found that more than eighty percent of companies believe there is a strong connection between creativity and business results. In fact, actively foster creative thinking firms often perform better than their rivals in revenue growth, market share, and have better chance of gaining competitive advantage.


Being able to think creatively, some would argue, demands a change of perspective. Experts on the subject claim that we all have a wellspring of creative energy, and that whether we are marketers, entrepreneurs, artists, or designers, the secret is simply to tap into it. And there are ways to nurture it; that is, creativity is something that can be learned, and developed. It is a skillset that has the ability to help human beings live more fulfilling lives, be more efficient at work, and it allows organizations better adapt to the changing environment in a world that is constantly evolving, for the purpose of increasing their performance.







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