About Motivation


The world is moved by highly motivated people, highly motivated folks, and enthusiastic men, and women who want to achieve their aspirations.

You may be wondering. Why do we have this tendency to work harder, better, effectively, and more efficiently when we love what we do? The answer is quite simple, it is because we are motivated!

Motivation is what drives us forward to achieve our goals in order to feel more fulfill and to improve the overall quality of our life. Without it, we may have a burning desire to accomplish something, yet desire alone is not strong enough if we lack ambition, in other words, when we have no motive to go after our goal. Motivated people take action.

Intrinsic motivation involves performing an action, or a task based on the expected or perceived satisfaction of performing the task, such as learning, having fun, or exploring.

Extrinsic motivation involves performing an action or a task to attain some sort of reward, such as grades, money, fame, etc.

There are four main elements that make up motivation:

  • Personal drive: The desire to get better, to improve, and to meet certain standards
  • Commitment: Being engaged and taking responsibility for what we’ve decided to undertake
  • Initiative: The readiness to act on opportunities
  • Optimism: The ability to keep moving ahead and pursue goals despite setbacks

Reason For Motivation

Because there is motivation, there is courage, energy, direction, and initiative, and persistence to keep moving forward in order to follow your goal. This force mainly stems from inspiration, and desperation. From the inspiration side, we usually strive, and give everything we have to do something that will enhance the value and quality of our lives, by being entirely and completely dedicated to that purpose. However, on the desperation side, we tend to act and behave based on the situation that surround us. We mostly work to become better individuals, and attain objective of grander scale.

Motivation Tips

We can’t be motivated by gulping down potions, nor can we be motivated by swallowing blue bills. Those who wishes to achieve their goals have got to know that a large part of their chances for success boil down to their ability to get and remain motivated. Motivation may not be the key to success, yet it is part of the formula that brings success. By breaking through, by pushing ourselves, and by staying motivated, anything is possible. Below are a few tips that may help anybody achieve their goals.

1. Be Determined

There is a famous quote by Thomas Edison that says, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. Those who succeeds are those who keep moving forward despite setbacks.

2. Break your goal into smaller achievable steps to facilitate the entire process

The more precise your goals are, the more likely you will be motivated to reach them. In the midst of a project, if you begin to lack motivation, get back to the basics, and set clear and specific objectives to simplify the entire process.

3. Develop the habits of listening to success stories

Developing your listening skills also does participate in keeping you motivated.  It has been shown that effective listening is one of the greatest techniques for motivating employees in enterprises. Research have shown that every executive who has started with this style of motivating employees has been astonished at the improvement displayed by their employees’ morale and overall energy.

4. Do not procrastinate

If you want to be and remain motivated, you’ve got to stop procrastinating. To remain motivated, you’ve got be clear about what is it you want to accomplish, and divide the work to be done by little assignments.







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