Success & Happiness



Success is getting what you want; and happiness is wanting what you get. But how do we go about distinguishing both terms, precisely?

Success & Happiness

Living in a society based on profits and different kinds of earnings, and status, we have a tendency to confuse success and happiness, to the point of attributing one as the byproduct of the other. Success is defined by some as, “the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like,” and is a synonym of words like “accomplishment”, “prosperity”, and “fame.” It is so frequently applied, and in such varied contexts that we’ve forgotten what is the actually meaning of the word, mainly because of its vagueness, and the fact that it is all encompassing, some sort of catch-all. Often, we wrongly associate it with what we think will make us happy; that is, having a specific status, or obtaining materials objects for instance, to the point of simplifying it to a simple formula: The day I will have such and such, I’ll be happy. However, success is not a reflection of happiness, but rather the other way. In other, it is success that derives from happiness. Success is achieving something, a milestones, such as getting good grades, and having a prestigious career, or living in our dream city.

Success & Happy Moments

What kind of feelings do you get when you attain something you’ve always wanted? Do you feel happy? better than before? And how long does the feeling of reaching a goal lasts? Not very long, doesn’t it? And that is because right after reaching a specific goals, we set new goals. We tend to form other goals for ourselves so that we can become successful once again. On the other hand, the secret of happiness is not in setting goals, and attaining them. Happiness is defining our values, and purpose, and staying committed to them as we pursue our life goals. In other words, it isn’t about having more happy moments, but rather a positive outlook on all moments of life. Success is about achieving our goals. Happiness is the ultimate achievement. Happiness will be there when success is gone; that is, when it has been subtracted from equation.

Success Through Happiness

When we are dedicated to being positive, our brain is more engaged. We suddenly become more creative, energetic, and more productive. Researchers says that being successful doesn’t automatically makes you happier, but being happier, positive, and optimistic about future outcomes is likely to bring you success. A study conducted by Sonja Lyubomirsky, involving concepts such as beliefs, discipline, sociability, relationships, and attitude, showed that people need happiness in their lives to be able to achieve success; that is, how we look at life in general, and specific aspects of it, our generosity towards others, taking on challenges and being more sociable towards people, having a good physical and mental health, being disciplined, possessing high degree of self-control, and not being afraid to take action are all key factors in being a successful happy person.





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