Why We Love Our Pets



Our homes wouldn’t be the same without them. While some people are disgusted by the idea of owning pets in their house, many are those who can’t help but own one because of the positive energy they bring into the house along with their unconditional love, as well as providing us with a wellness boost. Besides their good company, they also bring some other benefits such as lowering our pressure level, eliminate diseases stress, lower our cholesterol and improve our over all moods. They also help us socialize better with people that comes at our house as pets are a good subject matter to discuss with anybody.



If you like running outside in the morning or simply taking long walk in order to stay on shape, you might consider owning a dog because there is no other pet that can provide you with the ability to do both running, walking, as well as taking them out as we are, as owners, suppose to do. The good thing about dogs is that they are unmatched in their devotion, loyalty and friendship to the humankind. After all, the experience “a dog is the human’s best friend” hasn’t come to existence by chance. It is very enjoyable to see their excitement with their tails whenever they receive us once we get back home after a long day. Before owning a dog, any owner must be aware of the responsibility it takes to own one because they well-being totally depends on us for, at minimum, food, shelter, and of course much more. If you’re thinking owning a dog, be aware that it is not simply about owning a pet, it is about providing love, happiness, and health to an animal that will be loyal to us in many circumstances and to whom we must dearly show love.



The experience of owning a cat is like no other. Unlike dogs, we don’t always have to bring them out for a walk. They are quite satisfied staying at home if we do provide them with the necessary tools and toys to keep them busy enough. It is said that “having cats is like having a pack of tiny, clumsy, asshole, ninjas running all over the place destroying everything and constantly trying to trip us.” Anybody who owns a cat would agree with the ladder quote because as owners, they must stay alert of their cats every tiny move for they can break valuable items in the house if we hold some and cause mayhem in a matter of second whenever we lose their attention. That said, the whole experience, if well done, is fun, enjoyable, and brings us way much more than we imagined before owning one. Their constant little noises keep the house alive as our hears and eyes are constantly occupied by their every little movement, and as a result, we never feel lonely.

Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium _banner3


If you are looking for an environment that will be peaceful, relaxing and ideal to keep your visitors’ attention always occupied, then owning a few fish in an aquarium is definitely the way to go. They may be very small animals, but the whole experience can be quite overwhelming. We not only must feed them, but must constantly change their water and make sure its quality is good for their health. If one of the ladder tasks isn’t done properly, some of our fishes may become still and die in the moments that come. Also, it is extremely important to know that certain fishes are made to live together while others will constantly be trying to kill each other. Your initial selection therefore already participate in the type of environment each and everyone of your fishes will be living in. It may be surprising at first, but the larger the aquarium is, the lesser work you will have to do. The reason is quite simple to understand, the large amount of water absorbs the ammonia created by fish waste or overfeeding. Whether large or average, an aquarium catches the eyes and easily become a conversation piece with anybody visiting you.


The experience

Whichever one of the above pets you decide to own or even if you go for others that haven’t been mentioned in this article, know that owning one in your home is, most of the time, an enriching experience. Just like when we own kids, our minds become busy, not only for our little selves, but for the whole environment that surrounds us and that we must take care of above all. Besides that, we also gain a feeling of well-being as well as an understanding of love that is different than the one we share with our fellow human beings.


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