Basketball Greats



The hot topic of Michael Jordan versus Kobe Bryant is back more than ever before since the #24 beat the all time greatest’s points scored. Although opinions may vary as to who is the better player between these two greats, facts such as Kobe exceeding Jordan in terms of points scored in field definitely starts to differentiate these two players. That said, let us not forget that Michael Jordan still has one more ring than Kobe on his collection along with six MVP titles as opposed to only two for Kobe. Reggie Miller, who has played with both during his career, when asked about who was the better player frankly answered, “Michael Jordan on his worst days is ten times better than Kobe on his best days”. Although the former quote comes from one single individual, many would agree with such a statement, not with its entirety, but as a representation that Michael Jordan was a one of a kind player that no one can ever become. Some fun facts that still forces people to believe otherwise is that Michael Jordan, when asked against who he would like to play one on one, had listed many names, but insisted that Kobe would be the one that had more chances of beating him because they have similar styles, “he steals all my moves” is the way the former #23 of the Chicago Bulls said it. He might have been playing around when he claimed that, but there must be a reason why he said it.



Lebron James, according to many, is the next on the list to possibly challenges within a couple years the all time scoring list. Another player who deserves attention on this list of greats is Kevin Durant, who has been phenomenal ever since his debut in the NBA. Although Lebron is a player who will definitely end like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, he still has a long way to go in order to be part of those elite players. With his force and his ability of powering through any opponents trying to block his way up to the net, reaching the elite is only a matter of time for him. Durant can shoot from almost everywhere very precisely and has an incredible ability to dribble the ball despite his height, but he lacks Lebron’s power and dominance that frighten anybody willing to stop him when he is after the hook or gone for a dunk. Many would still give advantage to Lebron on the long term, but Durant is definitely not a player to be taken for granted for he has the ability to win games, and that is the only goal is this game of Basketball.


Against All Odds

Others star players such as Dwayne Wade and Derrick Rose has also made it to the star list of the league. The only question is will they ever be able to leave their mark like Jordan and Kobe did? Dwayne Wade has definitely left his mark in Miami but is it enough for him to stay on NBA’s fan minds? With his three rings, two that he won with Lebron on his side, he definitely is part of elite class of players who own that much championship victories. Derek Rose, on the other hands, hasn’t yet won any ring, but many project him to be the owner of one sooner or later. He is a player with much talent who can win any game against any player when he sets his mind to it. He can dribble, he can shoot, and has even won the MVP title once in his career. It may take him way more than Dwayne Wade to reach the list of top players who have played the game but he definitely is on his way up there if he steps up his game and goes for at least a ring in his career.


The Greats

Much more can be said about many others players who have made history in this sports. We might have mentioned Magic Johnson’s phenomenal career, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, who owns the record on the all time scoring list, Carmelo Anthony who is still an active player with incredible skills, Larry Bird, one of the best forward to have played the game and the list can go on and on. Let us stop here and instead recognize all the effort and work these players did put in their craft in order to make it to the NBA, because doing just that, is already a great accomplishment.





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