Different Styles 4 Different Purposes



There is an old saying that claims to “never judge a book by its cover.” Although the previous quote is true most of the time, it is important to know that so much can be said and believed about us simply by the way we present ourselves either by the way we speak, the way we dress, or even just the way we walk and do small things. The same goes for books with titles and cover pages that are very attracting. We all are eager the read the ones that grab our attention more then all the rest. In terms of style, people should always make sure to represent their personalities as well as who they are through their personal style.

Let us look at what kind of dressing code are appropriate depending on the type of person we are.


Style and Personality

Let us note that people are happiest and most confident in circumstances where they can be their true selves. Therefore, when dressing, we should always let our personality shine before all else. It is important to recognize that the way we dress tells a story and by dressing a certain way, we are letting the world know about how we feel and the type of person we are. Knowing ourselves is then extremely important for us to create a style that is truly our own and that defines our individuality.


Dressing For Professional Purpose

We now are living in a world where we can be asked to have a particular dressing code in order to work, or in order to attend certain schools. These uniforms are usually a representation of the values that are shared by the individuals going in that particular school or working in one particular business. For instance, if you’re going in a interview, ask one of the contact that got you in there what kind of attire do applicants wear and if it is important to be over-dressed or under-dressed. Doing so will simply increase your chances since you already trying to fit to their way of dressing, thus being. For other invents such as industry convention or formal dinners, always invest in a good suit. Darker color are usually the best because they increase versatility.


Dressing For A Wedding

Besides the guy’s wedding suit or the woman’s wedding’s dress, people who attend a particular wedding must also dress in a certain way in order to respect the event that is taking place. One certainly cannot dress in a wedding as if going to train in a gym. For weddings, always make sure to stay classy. A nice tuxedo of any color can do the trick depending on what colors your tie is going to be or what kind of shoes you will be wearing. Although it is said to never wear black color as it is perceived to be the bringer of bad-luck, keep in mind that in certain countries of Asia, black is the mandatory color in weddings. Therefore, the key really is to be presentable. Also, it is said to dress as nicely as we can as long as we don’t outshines the people who are getting married, after all, they have to stay the stars of the night. Last but not least, never wear jeans, T-shirt, dresses that are skimpy, or any dress that may resemble the ones the people getting married are wearing. You certainly wouldn’t want people to perceive as them in their event. You are been invited, therefore stay the guest that you are.




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