Fly Away

Travelling is one of the most fulfilling experience one can ever experience in a lifetime. Many around the world are those who have never gotten the chance to see new horizons even at a very old age. They haven’t got the chance to see what life is all about, they haven’t experienced what it is like to get lost in a completely new country where everything we use to be just isn’t any more. They haven’t got the chance to interact with cultures that aren’t their own. They haven’t got the chance to fade away from everything they cherish and take for granted. People love to travel to get the chance to not only meet new people, but also expand their understanding of human nature, to expand their knowledge of different cultures that exist, and to question their own world view. If you are the curious type and still haven’t traveled, include it in one of your goals.


Benefits of Travelling

One of the major benefits of travelling is the ability to break out of your shelf by getting lost out there. One is then provided with a whole new perspective of life itself and of herself or himself. It helps us discover more and who we really are. Being conditioned to the place where we grew up in, traveling will do the exact opposite of that. It will expand your knowledge of the world and of what you thought you knew. Seeing all these new faces will make you think twice about the way you considered people in general, it will enhanced you curiosity about differences. Having a chance to visit museums or drive along long coasts will literally switch your mind backwards wondering if what you learned is really all there is. You will start questioning what can be and what can be done not only for you but for the entire world.



What You Ought To Do When Travelling

Bring yourself a camera and take as many pictures as you can and record as many videos as you can in order to share with your people. For those who aren’t there with you, let them experience what you are going through. Especially with all the technology we have acquired today, it is now easier than it ever was before to let friends see and explore the world with us. There is no more need to go print photos and put them in an album. All that can now be done with a few clicks. Talk to as many people as you can wherever you go. That will give you a chance to grasp the differences in how they think as opposed to how you think. Even if you aren’t fluid in one particular foreign language, do your best to understand what they will be trying to saying to say to you. It will make you realize that the language barrier really is futile when comes the times to communicate away from home. You will be surprised by how much can be said to a stranger or by a stranger with a few words,  simple gestures and little smiles.


Man at the Airport with Suitcase

Dare To Dream and Explore Yourself

Travelling helps us discover so much about who we are. Go ahead and dream about what you can do in foreign countries. If you are a businessmen, imagine all the new possibilities that open up to you with all the people you will meet out there. If you are a writer, let go your imagination and write stories, write about the people you meet, write about the places you have visited. Explain to the best of your ability how they have affected you as person. If you are a drawer, go ahead and draw buildings you are seeing, or landscape that you observe when you are alone in a corner. If you are a musician, go to bars and jam with people you don’t know, that will eventually create some contacts that you may keep on the long run. If you like to dance, go to clubs and dance with strangers all night. Feel their bodies, their warmth, get to know how they move.



At Times, Don’t Be Scared To Be Alone

When we are in a completely new country, some will be extremely happy to approach people while some others will stay in their own bubble, try to be both, depending on the times. After a long day where you have walked and visited places and talked to as many people as you could, there is nothing bad in getting back in your corner and reflect on the things you’ve during the day. Imagine how different things are, think about the possibilities that you may have to move to this new place if it really has pleased you. Explore your own mind and see how it is reacting to new changes. Sail out and walk on your own and let your mind go. You are free in this new place, why not get in a corner in order to meditate? Don’t forget that travelling is all about let yourself to know all the differences that exist in the world, it is all about freeing yourself from the past temporarily in order to be surprised by new environments, new cultures, and possibility what could be for you a new life!

“The world is a book, those who don’t travel, read only a page” ~ Saint Augustine


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