Passion For Cooking (Hmm…)


Passion For Cooking ( Hmm…)

There exists many types of passions. People all over the world are passionate about different sort of things. For some, it can be kicking a ball from one corner to the other in a field 120 yard long by 70 yards wide in order to practice what is known to be ‘football’, for others, it can be spending hours and hours every day singing  in an opera, and it can also be cooking as a simple enjoyable activity for a different type of individuals. However, what is interesting about these practices is that they all offer people a chance to enjoy what has been created along the way. No great cook will spend hours in the kitchen cooking if nobody is there to enjoy the meal and that is because it is entrenched in the human nature to show the fruits of our creativity to others, whatever it is. So why not do so if it feels and tastes good?


A few steps that can help you get started

Definitely get a copy of a cooking book that will provide you the basics as well as simple meals to help you get started.

One thing you cannot go without is a good chef’s knife. No need to shell out 500$ if you don’t have the budget, but a 20$ knife can do the trick, There are videos on YouTube showing how to chop, dice, mince, etc

Find a cooking class in your area, if you can, and go to class!  If you have some patient friends, ask to help them out in the kitchen and learn by doing.

Use your imagination and create new flavors! Go and experiment! The worst that can happen is that it won’t turn out as good as you hoped it would. That’s okay! You’ll learn something from that as well.

Remember to start simple. Do not get caught in the idea that cooking is complicated, the more you do it, the more it will become natural to you.











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